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The cultural diversity in the Bay Area makes it one of the best places to live in the world. Cambodian-Americans are certainly significant pieces of that cultural tapestry. The preservation of the Cambodian culture is, therefore, vital. It is paramount not only to the collective community, but also to the Cambodian community, and the individual Cambodians themselves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friendly Meeting with Dr. Leakhena Nou: "Participating in the Ongoing Khmer Rouge Tribunal"

Dear Community,

You are cordially invited to friendly meet with Dr. Leakhena Nou, Medical Sociologist and Professor of Sociology at California State University, Long Beach.

When: Saturday, May 2, 2009 @ 4pm - 6pm
Where: Wat Khemara Rangsey - 1594 Cunningham Ave. San Jose, Ca 95122

Dr. Nou will share with our community about actively participating in the ongoing Khmer Rouge Tribunal (formally recognized as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia- ECCC). As survivors of the Khmer Rouge one could file complaints or act as civil parties in the procedural justice to try senior KR defendants for war crimes against humanity. The ECCC have made little effort to include the Cambodian diaspora in the procedural process, and for this reason Dr. Nou is spearheading the Cambodian Diaspora Victims’ Participation Project to ensure that voices from exiled survivors are not overlooked in the ECCC trial proceedings.

The project is organized under the auspices of her organization – the Applied Social Research Institute of Cambodia (ASRIC) in partnership with the Asian Pacific American Institute (A/P/A) @ New York University.

For Detail:

Best regards,
Chanthoeun To

Cambodian Community of San Jose
Cambodian American Resource Agency
Wat Khmer San Jose (San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc.)
Wat Khmer Krom Khemara Rangsey
Santa Clara Cambodian Women Association
And Active community members


Below is a listing of news coverage of her outreach/workshops recently held in southern, CA.

Survivors tell of Khmer Rouge genocide

LONG BEACH: Testimony being collected may be used in tribunals of regime officials.
By Greg Mellen Staff Writer

Posted: 03/27/2009 09:59:53 PM PDT

Cambodians seek justice

By Greg Mellen Staff Writer
Posted: 03/23/2009 10:00:29 PM PDT
Khmer Rouge survivors give voice to their 'silent suffering'

Recently on Forum:

Wed, Feb 18, 2009 -- 10:00 AM

From the Killing Fields to the Courtroom / Terry Tempest Williams
Thirty years ago, the Khmer Rouge regime oversaw the torture and genocide of at least 1.7 million Cambodians. As the first in a series of war crimes tribunals begins this week, we discuss the impact of the Khmer Rouge on the Cambodian people and the significance of the proceedings. In the second half hour, we talk with Terry Tempest Williams about her latest book, "Finding Beauty in a Broken World." In the book, Williams finds inspiration in the study of mosaics -- a pursuit which takes her from Ravenna, Italy to Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Host: Michael Krasny

  • Leakhena Nou, assistant professor of sociology at California State University, Long Beach (first half hour)

  • Beth Van Schaack, associate professor of law at Santa Clara University and legal adviser to The Documentation Centre of Cambodia (first half hour)

  • Patrick Vinck, director of the Berkeley-Tulane Initiative on Vulnerable Populations at the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley (first half hour)

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